Meet the team

Get to know Amelie

In her own words

I listen to people’s vision and I design an object that turns that vision into reality using precious colorful gems and shinny metals!

Attentive, joyful, detail-oriented.

I’m fascinated by neuroscience and neuropsychology, as well as the body and its incredible chemistry/alchemy.

I try to reconnect to my body through the day, and sometimes that looks like weird stretching, deep breathing, swaying, rocking, even dancing... Try it, it feels good!!

It's a real 50/50 between Shine by Daniel Lanois and In the Throes by John Moreland

I'm so grateful that I get to create the most positive, meaningful, and authentic jewelry shopping experience for my clients and exceed all their expectations!

get to know stephanie

In her own words

My job is to be creative and help people bring their jewelry dreams to life.

Optimistic, creative, personable.

Hand-thrown pottery and glass blowing!

I hate wasting food but have an aversion to eating leftovers.

As a mom of toddlers, anything but Cocomelon, besides that I will always have a weakness for anything from Broadway.

Seeing the absolute joy someone gets out of something you had a hand in bringing to life and getting to be a part of the start of their forever story.

get to know benjamin

In his own words

I put gems into jewelry so they don't fall out!

Empathetic, enthusiastic, earnest.

Tool Making -Smithing, Machining, etc.

I love eating leftovers. Especially when I can put them in or under eggs.

Toxicity by System of a Down

I love putting things together the best way possible.