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Diamond Quality Guide

When looking for an introduction to diamond grades, it is easy to find ourself in a big ol' rabbit hole...

Because we are all about celebrating the things that matter and not being all caught up in the things that don't, we decided to create a simple diamond quality guide. This guide is our in house grading system, and it gives you the ability to choose between three diamond quality ranges to find the diamond that best matches your requirements, without the headache of having to learn and understand a complete gemological grading system.

Diamond grading can be a little complex and somewhat overwhelming. And the truth is... on paper, it may look like there's so much to diamond quality grades and that your ultimate decision is going to have such a big impact on the look of your piece. In reality, it is our sincere opinion that the difference from one grade to the next is barely perceivable in person, if at all. Unless you plan to carry around a microscope to look at your diamond (no judgement if you do πŸ˜‰), to the naked eye there is no visual difference between a VS1 and a VVS2 clarity diamond, and it's unlikely that you'll ever be able to tell with certitude the difference between a G color and a H color gem.

Of course, if you are wanting to get nitty gritty specific about your diamond specs, we will be more than happy to assist. Simply reach out via our contact form, or email us directly at info@identitydiamonds.com to discuss! 

- Good: this diamond will feature some small but visually noticeable inclusions, with a golden to champagne to bownish-pink undertone (I1+ clarity, JKL color);

- Better: this is an eye-clean diamond, meaning that no flaws are readily visible to the naked eye, and there's a slight warm in the body color of the gem (SI1+ clarity, GHI color)

- Best: This is an impeccable diamond, with little to no flaws even under magnification, and it is completely colorless (VS1+ clarity, DEF color)