Custom Design

custom design process STEP-BY-STEP

Dream! Gather ideas, inspiration, concepts that speak to you, Browse our website, visit Pinterest, search Instagram. We recommend you spend at least a few weeks honing in on your personal style. Follow your heart!

Fill out the custom design form below, Tell us about your style, center stone and metal preferences, timeline, budget, etc. The more info you share at this stage, the more streamlined the next steps will be! Upload one to five reference images, If you want to use heirloom stone(s), send us info about your stone(s), including the shape, type, and millimeter dimensions if available.

Using the information you sent us, we will sketch a first draft of your custom design. We will provide you with a top-view, high-definition, three dimensional rendering, as well as an initial quote. If you are looking for a specific center stone, we will also provide a selection of one to three option(s) that match your request for you to choose from. That step takes 3-5 days.

If you love the design as is and are ready to move forward, great! Of course, we can make further modifications if needed. To move forward with additional design work/modifications, a non-refundable S500 deposit is required, which will apply toward the purchase of your custom piece.

Upon reception Of your deposit, we will get a 3D printed resin prototype of your design, and will mail it to you. That will allow you to see a resin version of your piece, to scale. You'll be able to try it on, assess all the details, and feel 100% confident about your decision to approve the design and move forward with your order. (We can still make small changes to your design at that point, if needed)

The final step, the anticipation! Upon final approval and payment, we will move on with production. A mold is created, then your piece will be cast in the metal of your choice. We will lovingly work on putting all the elements together, from filing and polishing, hand-setting all your precious stones, shaping the prongs, and final touches such as special finishes and plating. Production takes 6 to 10 weeks depending on the complexity of your piece. As soon as it's ready, we will package it in a lovely box and ship it your way, for you to enjoy forever!


The quote you will receive is valid for 30 days and is subject to availability. Should you choose to purchase after that time frame, your quote may need to be adjusted to reflect current pricing.

When you are ready to move forward with your order, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin production on your piece. Your remaining balance is due in full once your project is completed and ready for pick-up/shipping.

All custom design pieces are final sale.

To modify an existing ring design, use the “ask a question” button available on each product page.