Choosing an Engagement Ring: Embracing Gemstone Hardness

Choosing an Engagement Ring: Embracing Gemstone Hardness

Planning to take the big plunge into forever? We are so excited for you! The dazzling world of engagement rings might have you starry-eyed, but there's an important piece of information you need to pay close attention to: gemstone hardness.

As the unsung protector of your engagement ring, your gemstone hardness will ensure your love story shines on for generations. In this blog, we’ll dive into why gemstone hardness is so important, how it's rated (it's rock science, not rocket science, promise!), and where the most popular engagement ring gemstones - diamonds, moissanite, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds - measure on the hardness scale.

Why Gemstone Hardness is Your Ring's BFF

Your engagement ring is destined to be worn daily from the moment it's presented. This is where gemstone hardness becomes critical. It's the magic quality that decides how scratch-resistant your gemstone is. The higher your gemstone hardness, the more confidence you’ll have that your ring can handle life's little knocks and still dazzle as bright as your love.

How Gemstone Hardness Gets Rated

Gemstone hardness is rated by the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. Think of it as a straightforward ranking system from 1 (super soft) to 10 (rock-hard) that helps you understand how scratch-resistant a gemstone is. It's all about one mineral scratching another, and that's how we figure out the hardness hierarchy.

Diamonds: A Perfect 10 💪

Score: 10


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Diamonds steal hearts not just for their beauty but also for their hardness. They are the only gemstone on the Mohs Scale with a perfect 10. They're nearly invincible against scratches and wear - it's like wearing a piece of eternity on your finger. Diamonds indeed are forever, and their hardness (along with proper diamond ring care) is to thank for that.
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Moissanite: Shining Bright 

Score: 9.25 


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Moissanite’s firey dazzle isn’t the only quality that makes it an attractive choice for an engagement ring. With a hardness of 9.25, it's a champ when it comes to holding its own against the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, if you're after a ring that's a mix of beauty and brawn, moissanite is waving its hand, saying, "Pick me!" 
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Sapphires: A Strong, Unique Beauty🌈

Score: 9


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Sapphires, including vibrant Montana sapphires, offer unique colors that create one-of-a-kind engagement rings for those looking for a bit of individuality. These beauties score a 9 on the hardness scale, making them a fantastic choice for those who want both a splash of color and durability.
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Rubies: Passionate Red 🔥

Score: 9


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Rubies’ fiery red hues are an instant attention-grabber and are a bold gemstone choice for those who prefer to stand out. Rubies score an impressive 9 on the Mohs Scale, making them an excellent choice for an engagement ring that's not only drop-dead gorgeous but also built to last.
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Emeralds: A Touch of Elegance 👑

Score: 7.5-8


Emerald gem - image courtesy GIA

These lush green beauties ooze elegance and charm and have historically signified renewal and growth. While emeralds bring a touch of sophistication to any piece - as an accent or as the main feature - their hardness ranges lower on the Mohs Scale. This slight increase in softness means that any emerald piece needs to be worn with extra special care to maintain its brilliance. For this reason, we shy away from using these precious stones in our engagement ring designs, unless the wearer is super duper aware and ready to take extra care to prevent damage to the gem.
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Embracing Engagement Ring Gemstone Hardness 

In a nutshell, gemstone hardness is very important to consider during your engagement ring journey. The Mohs Scale helps you understand the scratch-resistance of your chosen gemstone, making sure it will hold up to your daily activities and lifestyle. Whether you're dancing with diamond dazzle, basking in moissanite's glow, painting the town with Montana sapphire shades, or smoldering in rubies’ passion, knowing your gemstone's hardness will give you confidence that your ring will shine brilliantly, forever, and always. 💍💖