our complimentary warranty

By choosing to purchase your jewelry with us, you have the certitude that your piece was ethically crafted with materials and gems that were responsibly sourced and truly conflict-free.

We want you to have peace of mind about what's to come, too.

That is why we are pleased to offer you this complimentary warranty.

Our Promise To You

We will repair any defect in your jewelry for the period stated below, free of charge.

This warranty applies to jewelry worn under normal conditions. It does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, or improper care. The nature of the damage is to be determined by our jewelers.

Over time, normal wear is to be expected and maintenance work will be required to maintain the integrity and extend the lifetime of your jewelry. Examples of normal maintenance work include polishing, rhodium plating, sizing, prong re-tipping, etc. Regular maintenance work is not covered by this warranty.

Failure to have your jewelry inspected and/or failure to perform necessary maintenance work recommended by our jewelers will void this warranty.

This warranty does not cover loss, theft, or loss of your center stone.

Kate Engagement Ring - Identity Diamonds
Plain Wide Band - Precious Metal - Identity Diamonds

Your Responsabilities

Engagement rings:

  • 6 months after your initial purchase, and every 12 months thereafter, bring/send your ring in for your free warranty inspection.

All jewelry (incuding engagement rings):

  • Wear and store your ring with the utmost care.

  • Remove your ring during manual tasks such as gardening, cleaning, lifting heavy objects (examples: furniture, suitcases), etc.

  • Take off your ring during physical activities such as working out, biking, etc.

  • Keep your jewelry away from chemicals. Remove your jewelry any time you perform tasks involving cleaners or solvents. Do not wear your ring in the pool/hot tub. Do not spray perfume/cologne directly on your jewelry.

  • Insure your jewelry (we can help, simply reach out) to protect it from loss, theft, or loss of center stone.

  • If you accidentally hit or drop your ring, put it in its jewelry box, and bring it in for inspection as soon as possible.

  • Enjoy the sparkle for years to come! ✨

How to get your jewelry inspected

Visit our Inspection page to find out how to get your jewelry inspected .


More info on your complimentary warranty

Your truly are COVERED! Your warranty includes:

  • Unlimited complimentary cleanings 

  • Unlimited complimentary inspections

  • One ring sizing, up to two sizes up or down, within 90 days of purchase (for more entensive sizing, a fee may apply)

  • The replacement of lost accent stones

  • The tightening of gems that have become loose in their setting, including the center stone

  • The repair of any defect in the metal

  • A jewelry appraisal (for insurance purposes) upon request, within 3 months of purchase

Yep. It's free. $0. Free free free.

  • Engagement rings: 10 years (conditional to warranty inspections, as listed in Your Responsabilities, above)

  • Diamond wedding bands*: 5 years

  • Multi-stone rings: 5 years

  • Diamond earrings & pendants: 5 years

  • Moissanite earrings & pendants: 5 years

  • Tennis bracelets: 5 years

  • Chains & chain bracelets: 1 year

  • Sapphire, ruby, spinel, alexandrite jewelry: 5 years

  • Other gemstone jewelry: 1 year

  • Gold jewelry: 1 year

  • Sterling Silver jewelry: 1 year

  • Refurnished pieces: 1 year

  • Pre-owned pieces: 1 year

*Eternity bands are not covered under warranty

If you are local, simply stop by the store to get your ring inspected, no appointment needed. It takes 5-10 minutes to perform the inspection, and we will give your ring a good clean at the same time!

If you are a distance client, you can mail in your ring instead. It's as easy as 1-2-3-4!

1- Contact us at info@identitydiamonds.com to obtain an inspection authorization.
Items sent back without authorization will be refused.

2- Once approved, put your item in its original box, package it securely and mail it to:

Identity Ds, 6701 Burnet Road, suite 160, Austin Texas 78757

3- Send us an email to confirmed that the shipment is on its way, and include tracking number if available. We will confirm when we receive your package.

We recommend using UPS or FedEx, and avoiding USPS to send in your item(s).

You can purchase your shipping label and purchase shipping insurance for your package directly through us for convenience and ease!

4- Once your item has been inspected, we will mail it back to you via USP Ground at no extra charge.

We do not sell warranty extensions. However, you can trust that if you lovingly care for your jewelry and have it professionally inspected and cleaned on a regular basis, it will continue to bring you joy for as long as you cherish it!

If you need a repair that falls outside the scope of your warranty, or if you've let your warranty elapse (by not following your inspection schedule), a fee may apply to repair your jewelry. Following the inspection, we will contact you with a repair quote, and we will only proceed once we receive your approval.

We do not offer repair work on jewelry that was not purchased from Identity Diamonds.

That, my friend, is a great question, and I'm so glad you ask. We put together a little Care Guide for you, you can check it out by clicking here.

Eternity bands are *very* delicate. Because the stones go all the way around your finger, a number of stones are inevitably located inside the palm of your hand. This positioning increases the likelihood of them being chipped or knocked out since they are constantly exposed to various surfaces during everyday activities. Eternity rings can also more easily bend out of round, loosening and opening up the prongs that hold your stones in place.

As such, stone chipping and lost stones are not covered under warranty in the case of eternity bands.

In the case of alternative metals such as titanium, zirconium, and damascus steel, one size exchange is included.