Lab grown Diamonds: The Truly Ethical Option

Diamonds are beautiful, powerful, meaningful. But what exactly are lab-grown diamonds?

Whether they are called "laboratory grown", "man made", or "artisan created", it all means the same thing. One thing is certain: they are genuine. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds!

They are made of carbon atoms, and are optically and physically the exact same as mined diamonds. Even to a trained eye and under magnification, there is no difference between a lab-grown diamond and its mined counterpart. The only thing that differentiates the two: their origin.

The technologies have evolved, and we have now come to a place in time where we are capable of ethically growing diamonds, by recreating and accelerating the natural conditions under which they occur within the earth. From a diamond "seed", we grow a diamond, the same way we plant and grow a beautiful flower in a greenhouse.

 At Identity Diamonds, we focus our expertise on sustainability, while never compromising quality and most importantly, beauty. We source the majority of our lab-grown diamonds and gemstones from local American suppliers, and the majority of our diamonds are even grown right here in America! By doing so, we not only help reduce the environmental footprint of diamonds and gemstones by eliminating the harmful mining process, but we also participate in the economic development of this great country, and ensure that industry workers are paid adequately and work in safe and humane conditions. Moreover, we purchase our jewelry from manufacturers that are committed to responsible sourcing, and our custom designs are made here in America with certified 100% recycled precious metals.

By focusing on offering sustainable alternatives to mined diamonds, we aim at leading the way in this new milestone of the diamond history.  Drastically reducing the environmental and social impacts of diamonds and gemstones by simply sourcing them differently, is the real way to a sustainable jewelry future.


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