About Identity Diamonds

Simply put, we do jewelry differently

Our focus is on keeping sustainability and responsible sourcing in forefront. We offer you a modern and accessible jewelry shopping experience. Ethics, accountability, transparency: that's what we're all about. 

It's time to challenge the old way things have been done for so long in the jewelry industry!



Social responsibility is our driving force.

We bring innovative and viable alternatives to mindful consumers, in a friendly, informative and pressure free environment.

We specialize in sustainable and conflict free lab grown diamonds, gemstones, and diamond alternatives such as moissanite. Our entire selection consists almost exclusively of lab grown gems, hence reducing drastically the environmental and social footprint typically associated with the mining process.

At our boutique on Burnet Road, you will find a range of curated ethical collections, from fun fashion pieces, all the way to beautiful fine jewelry, and one of a kind engagement rings.  

Our bridal pieces and custom designs are crafted here in the USA using responsibly sourced materials.

Every item in our inventory is hand-selected with passion and care.

We prioritize locally sourced products and seek out small independent designers.

No mass produced chain store merchandise, no pushy salespeople, no obscure sourcing practices. 

By shopping with us, you can be sure that your purchase is 100% conflict-free, responsible and sustainable.

Finally, shop with true peace of mind​!


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring to mindful consumers alternative diamond and gemstone options that are more respectful of the environment, ethical, socially responsible, and actively engaged in bettering the diamond and gemstone industry, and the world.

Our vision is to create a new jewelry culture where accountability, transparency and respect are the pillars of all activities, while maintaining high standards of quality and beauty at an affordable price.

We believe in purpose driven business. We are dedicated, inspired, and we believe that every action counts.

Together, let's change the world.


Meet the founder


"Hi everyone! I'm Amelie. I was born in Quebec City, Canada. I'm an avid traveler and a lover of life, and a global citizen. I believe that each decision we make impacts the world in some degree, and hence I'm a firm believer in mindfulness and responsible choices.

I began her career in the jewelry world a bit "by accident", but I knew right from the start that it was a world where I wanted to make a difference. Armed with an undeniable passion (read: stubbornness) and a thirst for knowledge, I began learning the ropes of the trade through hands-on experience and quality education. In 2013, I graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as an Applied Jewelry Professional, and in 2015 I proudly completed the GIA diamonds and diamond grading program and became a graduate Diamond Grader.

After working in traditional jewelry stores for several years, grading and selling mined diamonds, I had that underlying feeling that there had to be more sustainable ways to love and treasure the beauty of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry, without compromising the environment and its inhabitants. I started researching new advances in diamond growing technologies, and alternative options to mined diamonds. What I discovered was the beginning of a new era for diamonds, and I was very inspired to be part of it.

In 2016, I left my beloved Canada behind, traveled more than 4000 miles to Austin, Texas, and started from scratch. Months later, Identity Diamonds was born.

Traditions CAN be improved. Luxury CAN be sustainable. Diamonds CAN be sourced without conflict. Identity Diamonds is the actualization of a very deep sense that we can all make a difference, and I decided to make mine one diamond at the time!"