• Moissa-what? Learn more about moissanite

    If you have been shopping around for an ethical engagement ring option, you might have heard of "moissanite". Although moissanite has been available for years now, not many jewelers know much about it, and the information about the wonderful gem is somewhat scarce and unclear! Let's clarify the c... View Post
  • How Diamonds Are Graded - The "4 Cs"

    The 4 Cs of diamonds ​ Lab grown diamonds are graded with the same standards as mined diamonds, according to the 4 Cs quality factors.   "Until the middle of the twentieth century, there was no agreed-upon standard by which diamonds could be judged. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) cr... View Post
  • About Identity Diamonds

    Simply put, we do jewelry differently ​Our focus is on keeping sustainability and responsible sourcing in forefront. We offer you a modern and accessible jewelry shopping experience. Ethics, accountability, transparency: that's what we're all about.  It's time to challenge the old way things hav... View Post
  • Lab grown Diamonds: The Truly Ethical Option

    Diamonds are beautiful, powerful, meaningful. But what exactly are lab-grown diamonds? ​ Whether they are called "laboratory grown", "man made", or "artisan created", it all means the same thing. One thing is certain: they are genuine. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds! They are made of carbon... View Post